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Revisionist History® newsletter,  October 2022
 Large, magazine format
Twenty pages of densely researched sleuthing by historian Michael Hoffman:
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I. Winston Churchill: Enemy of Western Civilization 
 Chapters include: Churchill and the Invention of Concentration camps; Churchill and Rothschilds; His Gallipoli Disaster; His Desire for the Sinking of the Lusitania; Churchill as Bombfather; Churchill the City Arsonist and War Criminal; His Talmudic Revenge; Churchill the Zionist; The Nation Wrecker; The Racist; The Chameleon; The Communist. Churchill, World War II Revisionism and Newspeak.
 The plot to rebuild Solomon’s Temple, and the masonic symbolism which links the Ripper murders to the JFK assassination:
II. Jack the Ripper and Sir Charles "Jerusalem" Warren: 
Travel the trail of magic and conspiracy, from Mitre Square to Dealey Plaza by way of Solomon's Temple 
 Sections include: Sir Charles Warren's Masonic archaeology in Jerusalem; The Masonic Mandate to Rebuild the Temple of Solomon; Charles Warren: Masonic Chief of Police in charge of investigating the masonic Jack the Ripper murders; Warren as the Ripper's accomplice; Mystic Murder: the masonic "Juwes"—Jubela, Jubelo and Jubelum—from Mitre Square (London) to Dealey Plaza (Dallas), by way of the Temple of Jerusalem. 

III. A Lifelong Campaigner against the Threat of Secret Societies to the republic: We present Anti-Mason President John Quincy Adams' Inside Knowledge of the "Jubela, Jubelo and Jubelum" masonic symbolism which links Jack the Ripper to JFK
IV. How Top Republicans are helping to lay the groundwork for Reconstructing the Temple of Solomon in Jerusalem
Counter-intelligence report on Rep. Jim Jordan (R-Ohio), Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis, Mike Pence, and other "Church-Zionists" who are allied with occult Israeli terrorists in the crusade to do what Jesus said will never be done
V. Worlds of Wonder: Michael Hoffman's Fortean Philosophy of Historiography
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Issue no. 121, August, 2022:
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Tyranny, Genocide and Slavery in the Third World Before the “Coming of the White Man”
 This is our lead study on the Third World, with a special focus on Central and South America — "Before Columbus." Those words open a door to a world that remains steeped in mystery. What is certain is that the record we have managed to cobble together for this issue undercuts virtually every myth about Christopher Columbus having “conquered paradise.” From the point of view of most everything except the Creator’s verdant oceans, jungles, plants and animals, Columbus conquered hell on earth. Also:
America’s Abortion on Demand :A Talmudic Tradition 
A chameleon theology defended by an epistemology strewn with false steps. Here is our report, containing the facts “Conservatives” refuse to see about the source of an immense evil. Ground-breaking study with information you will find nowhere else. Plus:
The Federal Reserve System: The Privateers Behind War, Communism and “Woke” Capitalism 
The major banking figures who gained enormous new privileges from the Federal Reserve System were connected to the U.S. decision to enter the First World War and to the financing of the main protagonists behind the creation of the Soviet Union in 1917. New information! 
And: DebateWas Julius Caesar killed because he was a dictator as Michael Hoffman asserts in the June issue no. 120, or because Caesar fought the Money Power, as Georgia Senator Tom Watson asserted a hundred years ago, in his famous Sketches in Roman History? You decide. 
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Issue no. 120, June, 2022:
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Black and White Slavery in the Bible, Among the Greeks and Romans, the Vikings, and the Barbary Muslims - setting the record straight:

Contents: Black and White Slavery in the Bible and Among the Ancient Greeks and Romans. It’s about time the record was set straight about this controversial issue. We provide reliable information, much of it new. Topics include: All facets of Slavery and Law in the Old Testament, in the New Testament and Christian Liberty Sayings of St. Paul. Surprise yourself with the facts!
In ancient Greece, “The ideal type of (white) slave is the socially dead chattel, ripped forcibly from organic ties of kin and community, transported to an alien environment, there to be treated merely as a piece of property or a factor of production, to be used and abused at will, an animate tool or beast of burden…”

Viking white slave history: “Much of the Viking world was built, underpinned, and maintained by the enslaved. For a millennium and more they have disappeared from the histories of the Viking Age, and it is time to restore them to their rightful place of prominence. The institution of slavery had long antecedents in Scandinavia, probably going back thousands of years before the time of the Vikings. By the eighth century, there was already a considerable population of unfree people living in the North, their condition being largely a hereditary one built up over generations...Scandinavians began to make the active acquisition of human chattel a key part of their economy. This was one of the primary objectives of the Viking raids and military campaigns, and the result was a massive increase in the numbers of enslaved people in Scandinavia.”

The Muslim traffic in white slaves took place in what came to be known as the Barbary coast. Whites preying on whites was a feature of this Muslim trade: “…between 1580 to 1680…more than half of these pirate captains were of European origin…“Their wealth and power made many of them dominant figures in the local culture…(they practiced an) often ferocious Islam… Stationed in Algiers at this time were 20,000 members of Islam’s white slave troops: Janissaries who formed the core of Turkish power in that city were by definition all born of Balkan parents… (T)he many female European captives who were taken sexually by their masters and the thousands of immigrant renegades all brought a great deal of European blood into local gene pools…By the 1700s visitors were noting how ‘the inhabitants of Algiers have a rather white complexion,’ an observation that more recent scholars have confirmed.” 
Also in this issue: The History of the Tyrannicide Tradition in the West: Cicero, Caesar, Shakespeare and John Wilkes Booth. Excerpt: “John Wilkes Booth played Shakespeare’s Brutus on the stage; Lincoln very likely saw him acting in the role. When Booth shot Lincoln he viewed himself as a Brutus saving the American republic from a usurping Caesar. Extreme as this may now sound to us, it belongs to what was once the prevalent American interpretation of the play, which viewed Brutus as a savior of republican government against tyrants.”

Plus: Uvalde: Were the police under orders to allow the shooter to achieve maximum casualties in order to impose incremental degradation of our Second Amendment rights? And: New book exposes The Spurious “Gnostic Gospels” as late occult additions to the Word of God. Also: The Silver Jubilee of Elizabeth I, Britain’s Queen of Depravity. Plus: Have No Disturbing Thoughts About LGBTQ. Also: Victorious Commencement Address to Home-Schooled Youth. And: Media Blame Tucker Carlson’s “Replacement Theory” for Buffalo Massacre, while ignoring Israeli replacement theory. And more!
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Announcing Revisionist History® newsletter 
no. 119: April 2022
Judaic People Under Bolshevism
A New Assessment 

Judaic People Under Bolshevism: A New Assessment
CONTENTS: Vladimir Lenin's Judaic Genealogy: An deep dive into his family tree; The evil Jew-haters who recruited for Communism; The Metaphysics of Marxism-Leninism;  Crimes and Exploits of Lenin's Great-grandfather: Moisei "Moshko" Istikovich Blank; The Revolutionary career of Valdimir Ulianov ("Lenin"); Lenin and other Judaic Marxists; Lenin's Psychopathic Violence; The Secret Soviet Campaign to "Eliminate any record of Lenin's Jewish origins;" Bolshevism's Parallels with the occult-Thelemic "Woke" Revolution of the 21st Century; Joseph Stalin, Founder of Birobidzhan" — "The Jewish Autonomous Region."
ALSO IN THIS ISSUE: Situation Ethics Nominalism: Trojan Horse in the Post-Renaissance Church of Rome. Study topics include: The Church of Rome's Gay Theology; Using Shammai and Hillel to Deceive the Elect: The "Zugot Pair" Gevurah and Chesed; Situation Ethics and Nominalism: A Short History of a Theological Trojan Horse; The Vatican Cooks the "Frog."
PLUS: Ukraine and Putin: An Analysis.  
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Revisionist History® newsletter 
no. 118: February 2022:
Criminal Politics in America
From Charles Manson to Ghislaine Maxwell
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CONTENTS: Few events have had the psychic impact on America as have the "Manson Family Murders."  The familiar media accounts center on D.A. Vincent Bugliosi's fantasy Helter Skelter bestseller, which has dominated the narrative to the exclusion of all contradictory facts. Investigative reporter Tom O'Neill excavated the buried truths over decades. Here is a through review of his masterful book, Chaos, containing his explosive findings related to one of the biggest coverups in US history: the CIA's LSD processing of Manson and the disappearance of almost all documents related to Manson's parole during his "lost years" in San Francisco (1967-68), Susan Atkins' court documents, and almost all official texts related to the CIA's MK-Ultra brainwashing operations. Police and prosecutors conspired to hide the shocking truth about who ordered the death of Sharon Tate and the other victims and why they were killed.  
ALSO IN THIS ISSUE: A deep dive into government whitewash of the Epstein/Ghislaine Maxwell child molestation ring.  
PLUS: A page from Michael Hoffman's forthcoming new book, "The Ruling Class War": White women hanged for shoplifting (you read that right).  
AND: • FBI informants set-up patsies in Michigan. •Iraq war criminal Dick Cheney honored by Democrats in Congress Jan. 6 (reminds us of when news that child-rapist Roman Polanski had received the Academy Award the Hollwood audience at the award show stood and cheered). And more!
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Revisionist History® newsletter 
no. 118: December 2021

The Pirate Queen’s Slave Traders:
Queen Elizabeth I and the Conjuring of the British Empire

Never before have all the facts about her occult theocracy been gathered in one periodical. Here they are: The inside dope on Sir John Hawkins who gained wealth and power from the black slave trade but whose principal investor and beneficiary was the queen. There was nothing “peripheral” or “accidental” about her involvement. She made the slave trade possible. It was her “proven moneymaker.”  She appointed Hawkins treasurer of the Royal Navy by which office he controlled the navy. This was his reward for making Elizabeth fabulously wealthy from the traffic in Africans. Sir Francis Drake? Co-conspirator! 
As part of our study, we take up the *Massacre of the Irish Nobility, the *Spycraft of Her Majesty’s Secret Service, *How the Spanish Armada could have won; *Elizabeth’s Legalized Piracy; *Her Enslavement of Englishmen. Here for the first time is the documented and unassailable record of Queen Elizabeth’s shocking robberies, murders and enslavement of black and white people!

From this vantage we proceed to study how the
*British Empire was conjured through occult Ritual Toponomy and Cartography: *The Mandate for “Prescriptive Geography” in “the Golden Age” of Saturn; *A Papal Agent Inspires the Queen’s Protestant Necromancer. *The Endgame: By Sorcery the measurement of all time and space on earth is directed from Britain.

Why is this history essential? Since the reign of Elizabeth —“Good Queen Bess”—the monarchy of England has been a driver of masonic conspiracy, usury banking, Jack the Ripper-type ritual murders, and child trafficking rings, such as the one directed by Sir Jimmy Savile—the monster advanced by Prince Charles and shielded by “conservative” Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher (cf. Twilight Language, pp. 310-317). The serpent ascended to the throne of Britain with Elizabeth I— and has never departed! She is the ruler who is among the most extolled by the Establishment. Without authentic knowledge of this history no adequate grasp of today’s conspiracies is possible.

ALSO IN THIS BIG ISSUE: The Great Debate—“Was the United States and its Constitution Founded on White Supremacy?” Nay! says Sean Wilentz, Princeton University History Professor, author of No Property in Man: Slavery and Anti-Slavery in the Nation’s Founding. Yea! says Noah Feldman, Harvard University Law Professor, author of The Broken Constitution: Lincoln, Slavery and the Refounding of America.

AND: Republican State Legislatures pass laws blocking any company that boycotts the Israeli state, from doing business with state government. An Arkansas newspaper owner is fighting back! ALSO: The Hidden 9/11 Surveillance Court. PLUS: Princeton History Prof. James M. McPherson’s book upholding Confederate President Jefferson Davis’ military leadership during the War Between the States.  And more!
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Revisionist History® newsletter 
no. 116: October 2021
“Woke Revisionism: The Whitman Massacre Rewritten” 
Contents: Strangely Futuristic Prophecies of the Arrival of White Holy Men—From the Aztecs in the 1500s to the Spokane and Nez Perce tribes in the 1700s and early 1800s

Dr. and Mrs. Whitman blazes a trail for American pioneers in the Pacific Northwest

Cayuse Indians: ministered to body and soul by the Whitmans, feared and avoided by other tribes who were killed and enslaved by the Cayuse

  Double standard: Genocide and enslavement by tribes victimizing other Native tribes ignored

The shameful, ongoing woke erasure of the Whitmans and Christian pioneer heritage

Also in this issue
: The Early History of the CIA: servants of the Soviets and wrong about almost everything

: Meyer Lanky • Ed Asner • Jackie Mason. • Hunter Biden • Abortion and the Constitution

: Culloden: Scotland’s Last Battle 

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August, 2021 issue of Revisionist History Newsletter: “Utopian Social Engineering for Permanent Revolution.”
CONTENTS: Utopia's Neocon Killer Angels and their Crimes

In-Depth Analysis of Biblical vs. Occult Authority: The Suppression of the Tridentine Mass as Ordered by the Pope of Rome (Dear Papist, what did you expect?)

Conspiracy: From the English Secret Service to the Federal Reserve Bank

On Contradiction: Lenin and Mao on the bipolar nature of the Capitalist System exploited by the Left

The X-Factor: Sodomizing of the People by the Money Power

Feminism's Ace Card: The Handmaid's Tale and the Assault on the Blessed Virgin Mary

More of the chronicle of White Slaves in American History

Book Review: Sean McMeekin's Stalin's War

The Battle for the Mind: Elite Professors Resist the Movement to Abolish Chaucer. The American South: The Sports-Mad Stadium Religion vs. Southern Heritage. Tim K. on the holes in Critical Race Theory — and more! 
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Downfall: Trump's Debacle in D.C.
His Gift to the Deep State
Here is our complete dossier on the secret machinations behind the January 6 fiasco:  The set-up, the masquerade and the consequences. Decode the puzzle!

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Combating Racism & Advancing Human Rights
A Forensic Investigation of the Babylonian Talmud and Cognate Rabbinic Texts:
“This issue consists of a condensed version in 12,500 words of everything we’ve ever written about the creed of rabbinic Talmudism, and despite its relative brevity, it manages to cover all the bases necessary to prove its thesis—that the creed predicated on the Talmud is necessarily a cause of racist contempt for goyim and violence toward women, children and civilians. If hundreds of thousands of people owned a copy of this study it could bring about a new enlightenment!
You need not subscribe to purchase it. You can obtain it as a stand alone, single purchase, rather than purchasing a sub.  On the other hand, we promise you more historical and political  revelations in the months ahead should you choose to purchase a subscription. — Michael Hoffman

Topics include: Situation Ethics in the Killing of Christians; Inherent Moral Turpitude of Goyim; Only Judaics are Human;  Hate Speech Manuals: Baruch Hagever and Torat Hamelech; Plausible Denial and Institutionalized Deception, and more.
“Your text is rock solid and cannot be dismissed. I see it as a powerful educational resource and hope that it will circulate as much as possible, because over time documents like this one end up changing the terms of the debate.”
— The Vineyard Saker
(Author and geopolitical analyst)

There are other valuable revisionist notes in the Supplement to this issue: “Lockdowns are Bad for the Health of our Nation: Co-authors of the ‘Great Barrington Declaration’ Speak Out.” And: “400th Anniversary of the Pilgrim Founding of America,” and more. 
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The Suicide of the West 
Analyzing our drive for self-destruction

EXCERPT: “Hermes is just one of the thousand names of Satan and the death wish is so strong among his disciples that they cannot resist their own victimization. The revolution under way is stage two in what the Obama administration initiated (though groundwork was laid by George W. Bush and previous presidents as far back as Woodrow Wilson). There are many stages remaining. As the Girondists and LaFayette’s party were consumed by the Jacobins led by Robespierre (who would soon enough be executed by other revolutionaries); as Lenin consumed the Mensheviks and Stalin in turn consumed Lenin’s comrades, the revolution only beginning to emerge will eat successive generations of radical activists. Leftist Satanism manifests as intense hatred for the past—any past will do—even the past that produced the ancestors of the revolutionaries themselves. Whatever is beautiful and natural must be reduced to ashes by the barbarian anarchists who lack the one grace possessed by the barbarians who overthrew Rome, the spark of life, the desire to sow one’s genetic seed. The revolution we face is birthed by the forthcoming reign of dead matter intended to blacken, not green the earth. Fertility is its detested foe...”

CONTENTS: Changing the Cultural Memory of Americans; Corporate Capitalism and Woke Ideology; Whites in Bondage in Early America; Madhouse Policing of Every Word and Phrase; The Phony “Luhv” Revolution, and much more.

Also in this issue: The Protestant “antifa” —  Statue and Image-Smashing in Early Modern Christendom

Plus: Elon Musk Warns Silicon Valley is “Summoning the Demon”

And: A Survey of Anti-Christian Hate Speech in the Media

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Revisionist History® newsletter no. 109
July, 2020

2020—Chronicles of the Year of Insanity

1. Supreme Court Satanism 
2. The Accursed Fig Tree of Situation Ethics 
3.  Corona Virus: The Medical Path to Tyranny 
4. "Some Lives Matter" More than Others 
5. Language Control and Mind Control 
6. White Guilt: A Hypnotically-Induced Belief
7. The "Law 'n' Order" Dialectic

Also: The Cannanite Genetics of Contemporary Arabs and Judaics. 

Plus: The Fall of the Monument to Satanist Albert Pike. Trump Pledges to Re-erect it

Michael Hoffman's incisive analysis deconstructs the riddles at the center of our occult times. Here's enlightenment that will inform and encourage you!

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Revisionist History® newsletter no. 108
May, 2020

Hanging Poor Whites—A History of the War of the White Ruling Class on Their Own People

In this issue we offer readers a sneak peak at part of chapter one of Michael Hoffman’s forthcoming book, “Hanging Poor Whites,” the long-awaited sequel to They Were White and They Were Slaves. Hoffman surveys the laws under Protestant monarchs Edward VI and Elizabeth I that established the sub-human status of English whites demonized as “vagrants, rabble, idlers, ruffians, masterless men and harlots.” He excavates the chronicle of the enslavement of the English from their earliest history in post-Roman Northumberland. In his most radical departure from almost every other history, Hoffman argues that the British empire was not founded on regard for race, but occult hierarchy, through solidarity with foreign hierarchies consisting of aristocrats of color. This hierarchy took precedence over race. The English poor were regarded as not only inferior to the aristocrats of England, but also inferior to the Raj of India, the kings of Africa, the princes of the Caribbean and the Native Chiefs of North America. This is the shocking and world-historic revisionist truth which it is Michael's sworn mission to document in book form.

Also in this issue: "Sorcery in Western Secret Societies: Harnessing Demonic Spirits—A Study of ‘Solomonic White Magic”

Plus: ThuleThe Secret Society that Indoctrinated Adolf Hitler and Launched His Career

And: “The British Crown’s Massacre of their Russian Brethren” 

Also: “The Right Wing March to War Against Red China: The Behemoth the Cryptocracy Created” 

Plus: “Coronavirus News and Views” — and more!

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Revisionist History® newsletter no. 107

Emperor Charles V—A New Revisionist History of the Crypto-Lutheran Ruler of the Holy Roman Empire 

Study sections: The Secret Deal to Protect Martin Luther; A Safe Conduct Pass for the Kabbalah; Occult Charades Disguised as Christianity; The Treachery of Leo X; Rome Sacked by the Roman Emperor; The Medici Snake Pit; The Golden Fleece: Pope Trades Luther for Florence; White Slaves and Muslim Slaves: the 16th Century Reality; French “Catholic” Alliance with Muslim Turks; War of Schmalkalden; Permanence of Lutheran Church Secured; Rumors of Charles V’s Deathbed Conversion to Lutheranism. 

Michael Hoffman tracks the appalling covert alliances and duplicity behind the campaign banners around which the Christian people, the targets and victims of this head-spinning network of dual and triple loyalties and back-stabbing, were expected to march, bleed and otherwise pay for.  This is as fascinating and instructive as revisionist history gets and it is yours in the pages of issue no. 107, March 2020.

Also in this issue: “Documenting Hitler: Our Dissenting Enterprise.” New information unearthed. Plus: “1774”— How American Patriots Fought their Government to Defend Freedom, not Slaveholding. Also: “Scapegoating Romans and Pontius Pilate.” 

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Revisionist History® newsletter no. 106

Old Politics Cannot Defeat 21st Century Evil
 Michael Hoffman focuses on the strategic blunders committed in the Campaign for Truth: Fulfilling Talmudic Prophecy; the Failure of Armed Resistance by the Palestinians (and Gandhi's Solution); How Right Wing Resistance Achieves Zionist Objectives. Hoffman exposes the hidden forces controlling our resistance movement and leading us to defeat after defeat. He offers a way out of the web of deception and fresh strategic thinking needed for victory. This is a major analysis and exposition proposing a startling new foundation for winning this Great Battle in which we are engaged.

Also in this issue: Revising British History. Sections include: The Modern World’s First Concentration Camps; How the British Enable the Saudi Terror Religion; the British Plot to Bring America into the Second World War; British Security Service Can Now Commit Crimes “Legally.”

Counter-Intelligence Report: Rep. Matt Shea: Media Scapegoat. Analyzing the hysterical attacks on an obscure patriot Republican legislator from Washington state portrayed by the media as a virtual demon from hell, while the actual demons are extending the imposition of the revolutionary change in our nation which Shea is battling. 

Also in this issue: Words Forbidden by the Revolutionary Tribunal; New, must-have family values anti-contraception book; WWII German veteran on Ireland’s children; Point-Counter-Point Exchange: Economist Daniel Krynicki takes on Hoffman’s study of Shays’ Rebellion—and Hoffman’s rejoinder to Krynicki. Plus: new book, Enemy of the German People—Pro and Contra. And more!

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Revisionist History® newsletter no. 105

Shays Rebellion: A new history of the forgotten revolt by American farmers. Ten years after the Declaration of Independence, the yeomanry of Massachusetts rose up in protest of  banks, corrupt courts, lawyers, debt and taxes. Sections include: State Militia join with the farmers; The bankers’ mercenary army; the “Black List;” Seeking the abolition of debt; Shays’ Rebellion and the Anti-Federalists at the Constitutional Convention. Michael Hoffman brings to life a lesson in the price of liberty: eternal vigilance, even when the opponents are George Washington and Sam Adams! Also in Revisionist History® 105: The Deep State in History and The Age of Trump: Our study of the history of the Cryptocracy intentionally creating enemies for America to fight; The Elements of the Deep State behind Trump; The Principles of leadership in the Communist Chinese Deep State: the all-important concept of the “Empty Boat.”  And more! 

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Revisionist History® newsletter no. 104

 I. The Talmudic Attack on America’s Founders
The Zionist Media’s “1619 Project"
Lesson plans for America’s high schools include the new “1619 Project” from the New York Times, a book-length study of our nation depicted as “born in the original sin” of black enslavement. It marks the birth of our supposedly sick and evil nation as the year 1619, when the first black slaves arrived. This is a vicious Talmudic attack and we refute it every step of the way. Sections include: The Civil Rights Movement and the Decline of Black America; Crafting a “Jews-and-Blacks” Alliance, Paying Slave Reparations to Black Americans, Thomas Jefferson on the History of White Slaves, St. Patrick was a White Slave, Jefferson vs. Rabbi Maimonides, and much more.  Also in this issue:  II. Mass Hypnosis and Mass Shootings  The Cryptocracy’s Summer of Terror. Hoffman deconstructs the occult theater of “gun violence” staged by the Deep State: Twilight language, numerology, Revelation of the Method and psychological warfare, decoded! Sections include: El Paso Cielo; National Security Shootings for a Higher Good; Mental Illness as Conditioned Mass Phenomena; Killed in custody: Jeffrey Epstein and Whitey Bulger; Hidden Force Behind Occult Terror No Longer Hidden and more!
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