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Revisionist History® newsletter no. 106

Old Politics Cannot Defeat 21st Century Evil
 Michael Hoffman focuses on the strategic blunders committed in the Campaign for Truth: Fulfilling Talmudic Prophecy; the Failure of Armed Resistance by the Palestinians (and Gandhi's Solution); How Right Wing Resistance Achieves Zionist Objectives. Hoffman exposes the hidden forces controlling our resistance movement and leading us to defeat after defeat. He offers a way out of the web of deception and fresh strategic thinking needed for victory. This is a major analysis and exposition proposing a startling new foundation for winning this Great Battle in which we are engaged.

Also in this issue: Revising British History. Sections include: The Modern World’s First Concentration Camps; How the British Enable the Saudi Terror Religion; the British Plot to Bring America into the Second World War; British Security Service Can Now Commit Crimes “Legally.”

Counter-Intelligence Report: Rep. Matt Shea: Media Scapegoat. Analyzing the hysterical attacks on an obscure patriot Republican legislator from Washington state portrayed by the media as a virtual demon from hell, while the actual demons are extending the imposition of the revolutionary change in our nation which Shea is battling. 

Also in this issue: Words Forbidden by the Revolutionary Tribunal; New, must-have family values anti-contraception book; WWII German veteran on Ireland’s children; Point-Counter-Point Exchange: Economist Daniel Krynicki takes on Hoffman’s study of Shays’ Rebellion—and Hoffman’s rejoinder to Krynicki. Plus: new book, Enemy of the German People—Pro and Contra. And more!

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Revisionist History® newsletter no. 105

Shays Rebellion: A new history of the forgotten revolt by American farmers. Ten years after the Declaration of Independence, the yeomanry of Massachusetts rose up in protest of  banks, corrupt courts, lawyers, debt and taxes. Sections include: State Militia join with the farmers; The bankers’ mercenary army; the “Black List;” Seeking the abolition of debt; Shays’ Rebellion and the Anti-Federalists at the Constitutional Convention. Michael Hoffman brings to life a lesson in the price of liberty: eternal vigilance, even when the opponents are George Washington and Sam Adams! Also in Revisionist History® 105: The Deep State in History and The Age of Trump: Our study of the history of the Cryptocracy intentionally creating enemies for America to fight; The Elements of the Deep State behind Trump; The Principles of leadership in the Communist Chinese Deep State: the all-important concept of the “Empty Boat.”  And more! 

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Revisionist History® newsletter no. 104

 I. The Talmudic Attack on America’s Founders
The Zionist Media’s “1619 Project"
Lesson plans for America’s high schools include the new “1619 Project” from the New York Times, a book-length study of our nation depicted as “born in the original sin” of black enslavement. It marks the birth of our supposedly sick and evil nation as the year 1619, when the first black slaves arrived. This is a vicious Talmudic attack and we refute it every step of the way. Sections include: The Civil Rights Movement and the Decline of Black America; Crafting a “Jews-and-Blacks” Alliance, Paying Slave Reparations to Black Americans, Thomas Jefferson on the History of White Slaves, St. Patrick was a White Slave, Jefferson vs. Rabbi Maimonides, and much more.  Also in this issue:  II. Mass Hypnosis and Mass Shootings  The Cryptocracy’s Summer of Terror. Hoffman deconstructs the occult theater of “gun violence” staged by the Deep State: Twilight language, numerology, Revelation of the Method and psychological warfare, decoded! Sections include: El Paso Cielo; National Security Shootings for a Higher Good; Mental Illness as Conditioned Mass Phenomena; Killed in custody: Jeffrey Epstein and Whitey Bulger; Hidden Force Behind Occult Terror No Longer Hidden and more!
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