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November, 2018
Ninety-nine issues have been published thus far. 
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Revisionist History newsletter no. 99

The Menorah: Official Symbol of the “State of Israel.” Myths, Fakery, Exploitation and Doom through the Ages. Zionism, Talmudism and Christianity in the battle for Biblical heritage. Tracking one of the great mysteries of history. Be part of the adventure! 

Also in ths issue: Brett Kavanaugh’s America: Beyond the Confirmation Battle: Kavanaugh’s role in the Vince Foster investigation; Kavanaugh vs. the Abortion Matriarchy; “Gender Traitors;” The Hidden Root of Delusional Feminism; The New Standard: Truth Not a Factor. 

Plus: Eulogy for Robert Faurisson: Demonized Skeptic who Battled for the Right to Doubt 

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Revisionist History newsletter no. 98

Lynching White People in Montana
A Politically Incorrect History Rescued from Oblivion
Michael Hoffman unearths the shocking and deeply concealed chronicle of the “vigilante” masonic secret society that lynched more than a hundred whites in sparsely populated Montana territory over just a few decades. The white skin of the hanged signified nothing whatsoever in terms of “privilege” or immunity. Some were guilty, many were innocent and all were denied due process and a fair trial. There are no museums or memorials to these white lynching victims. The occult organization that killed them is officially honored in Montana. Here’s an extraordinary investigation into the secret history of America. 

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Revisionist History newsletter no. 97:
Hitler Never Had a Snowball’s Chance in Hell of Conquering Soviet Russia

New evidence that Hitler believed the German Army could conquer Russia in three months. He was so certain that he shifted industrial production to ship engines and cut back on panzer and infantry weapons and parts, while his men were in desperate need in combat. 185,000 were killed between June 22 and October 1, 1941. In this study we examine the history of Russia as a deathtrap for foreign armies; the fatal flaw at the heart of Nazism; the Nazis’ “Magical Thinking”; winning battles and losing the war in the East how did it happen? This is a new revisionist look at Operation Barbarossa and Operation Typhoon (the march on Moscow) that shatters many preconceptions.

America’s War for the “Jews” of Vietnam: The Lost Secret of Why We Fought 

Plus: Mistranslations of the Bible in English: what is being hidden and why?

And: Dictatorship of Social Engineering: a post-Obama harbinger of Soviet-Marxism in America

Also: Why Comey Reopened the Investigation into Hillary Clinton; Treason Pays for a Judaic-American Communist; Paying Homage to a Child-Molestation Collaborator: The Cardinal Hoyos Travesty; The American Theology of Irrevocable Rights, Third World depravity; Operations Report  — and more!
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Revisionist History® newsletter issue no. 96

“Militia and Indians in War and Peace in Early America”
What is the truth about America’s Indian wars? How important is it to you and your posterity to set the record straight? The ceaseless stigma on white Americans of having committed genocide and land theft overlooks the land theft and genocide visited upon Native tribes by other tribes of Indians. In our study we examine Iroquois relations with the Shawnee, Delaware and Mingo, as well as the Indian war with the Virginia militia, which was the final war of colonial America before the onset of the American Revolution at Lexington and Concord, six months later. You can depend on Revisionist History® to always provide you with the best and most up-to-date research on the unlit corridors of American history! 

Here are the contents of this issue: Dunmore’s War commanded by a refugee from the Scottish-Catholic army of Bonnie Prince Charlie. Indian Chiefs: Cornstalk, commander of Indian forces massed to destroy the militia in battle; Mingo Chief Logan and Cherokee Chief John Ross  white men at the head of Indian nations; and a study documenting George Washington’s kindness to Native Americans.

Other valuable revisionist history studies in this issue: Black leader Defends Christ Against the Talmud; Donald Trump’s incoherent foreign policy; A brief history of Attorney-Client Privilege; Special Counsel Robert Mueller’s vicious persecution of Steven Hatfill and Bruce Ivins; 100th Anniversary profile: 
The “Spanish Flu” that wiped out 100 million people in 1918; and more!

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Revisionist History® newsletter issue no. 95

In-depth study: 
Black Magic in Hasidic Judaism
 Topics include: Origins; Magic and the Rise of Hasidic Judaism; Polytheistic gods of Judaism; Satan advises rabbis: kill converts to Christianity; Kabbalah dogma: defeat evil by embracing it; Corpse veneration yields absolution for sins; Idolization of Rabbi Baal Shem Tov as “God in the Flesh”; God’s “imperfect” creation to be perfected through the intervention of human brain power; Hasidism a “cloaked theology." 

King Phillip II, Usury Bankers and Spanish Army Devastation
Necromancy in Parkland
Requiem for an Indian Fighter — Review of the movie “Hostiles”
Also: The Real Ruler of Illinois (it’s not the governor); Hatred for the West Weaponized in the Rise of Communist China; P.G. Wodehouse the Pariah; and more.

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