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 Revisionist History newsletter issue no. 87 (November 2016)

The Antichrist here now?
• SPECIAL REPORT: The False Messiah and Killer-King of “Israel” is alive and well on planet earth

• Also: Michael Hoffman reviews the “Denial” movie (it backfires in favor of David Irving!)

• And: The Secret behind Hillary Clinton’s Plot to Kill Libyan Leader Muammar Gaddafi

• Plus: Remembering Phyllis Schlafly: an Indomitable Fighter and Role Model for Women

From a subscriber in Ireland:
"Your review of 'Denial' is worth the price of the year’s subscription! It is safe to say that nothing remotely like it, in terms of what you noticed in the movie, will be found in any other review, and I expect there will be many reviews. Well done indeed. What you show, amongst other things, is that it is an unexpectedly interesting film. And I certainly look forward to watching it after reading your review."

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Revisionist History newsletter issue no. 86 (September 2016)

The “Denial” Movie
Hollywood’s Revenge on Dissident Historian David Irving

With this issue you will be able compare relevant parts of the court transcript from the Irving vs. Lipstadt libel trial with the “Denial” movie. Learn of the extent of the bias against David Irving and how Hollywood tries to prove World War II allegations in movie theaters that otherwise couldn't be proved in the marketplace of ideas and free debate. Sections include: Caught in lie a before the move debuts; Summary verdict of presiding Justice Charles Gray; Concessions made by Irving; Hoffman’s analysis of the hype surrounding the film and of the verdict of the court in the trial; Lipstadt targets Irving as “Amalek;" Criticize Lipstadt and lose your job at Yale; Massacre against Germans denied by Lipstadt; Irving answers Lipstadt on Dresden; Also: The Richard Wagner Debate - An Exchange.

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Revisionist History newsletter issue no. 85 (July 2016) 

British Prime Minister Benjamin Disraeli:
Head of State and Head of the Rothschild Conspiracy

Long before Hillary Clinton became a watchword for unscrupulous politics and corruption, Benjamin Disraeli personified those vices and many more as Prime Minister of Britain and prime mover for the Rothschild banking dynasty. 

In Revisionist History issue no. 85, historian Michael Hoffman’s investigative research affords the reader the latest information on the Rothschild conspiracy. 

Subjects include

“Coningsby" and Rothschild Code-named “Sidonia” 

• Bribery, Debt and Disraeli: How the Rothschilds’ transformed Britain’s Christian Parliament 

•The Rothschilds become synonymous with the British Empire 

•Rothschild backing for the Muslim war against Christians 

•The Dual Loyalty of the “Plutopolitans” 

• Endymion of the sleep-walkers. 

Submitted for your knowledge and empowerment: a ground-breaking new study of the world’s paradigmatic banking dynasty.  

Also in issue 85: The Wrath of God: The Sack of Rome in 1527. Plus: Revisionist News and Notes.

Here are facts you can depend upon  executive intelligence for independent leaders and achievers: in-depth articles filled with meticulous detail and scrupulous striving for historical accuracy. 

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Revisionist History newsletter issue no. 84 (May 2016) 

Edmund Campions Jesuit Challenge to Bad Queen Bess

The Other Inquisition:
Campion being racked in the Tower of London, on a torture warrant issued by Queen Elizabeth I. In the foreground two more priests await their own torture.

Think you know St. Edmund Campion and his nemesis, Queen Elizabeth I? Think again! This new revisionist history turns the Establishment story inside-out. We add pieces to the puzzle Protestant and Catholic historians have concealed. 

• Edmund Campion was one of the most astonishing personalities in an age of astonishing men and women. His struggle against the Elizabethan inquisition has never been fully explicated, until now. Most Catholic historians have neglected or hidden important background information about how and why Campion was sent to certain death. 

• Queen Elizabeth I, a paragon of rulership for Conservatives and Liberals today (who don’t know what they’re talking about), ordered the torture of more dissidents than any other Tudor or Stuart monarch. Here is the sinister side of the celebrated monarch which Protestant and secular historians have suppressed. 

Sections include: Sander’s Invasion of Ireland; Pope Pius V’s Regnans in Excelsis; Campion’s Golden Years in Prague; Prague after Campion: The Occult Imperium; Campion is ordered to England and Certain Death; The Torture Queen and Her Prey; Debating a Half-Dead Jesuit: A Tortured Dissident vs. the State’s Theologians; The Protestant Theologian Who Pleads for the Life of a Jesuit; Torture in English law; Injustice to Campion radicalizes English Catholics; and more! 

Also in this issue: John Quincy Adams and Protestant Opposition to Freemasonry in the Early Republic 

These are in-depth articles, filled with meticulous detail and scrupulous striving for historical accuracy. 

Revisionist History is a printed publication consisting of exclusive subscriber content which does not appear online. Join our community of leaders and achievers and subscribe today!

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Revisionist History newsletter issue no. 83  (March 2016)

True and False Heroes 

True Hero:
 Ezra Pound: Poet and Reformer 

Here are new revelations concerning the life, literature, imprisonment and struggles of the famous writer. We leave no stone unturned. Learn his poetic aesthetics, money reform and how he was railroaded into an insane asylum for twelve years. We answer those who say Pound repudiated his life’s work after his release. Here’s the biography of an exemplary man as you have not read it before.


Fake Conservative: 
The Tridentine Judaism of Antonin Scalia
Chabad-Lubavitch Rabbi Adin Steinsaltz, former head of the Israeli Sanhedrin, with Justice Scalia
Dossier on the late Supreme Court Justice and the new subversive movement inside “traditional” Catholicism which views Judaism as more sinned against than sinning. Scalia played an out-sized role in this deadly development. A shocking investigation you will find nowhere else. Don’t be deceived by appearances. Our factual dossier, illustrated with rare documents and photos, exposes the tragic and unfortunate truth concerning the work Justice Scalia did for the other side. 

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Judaica: Books and resources

UPDATED JAN. 20, 2017

Independent History and Research is the largest publisher of truthful information about Judaism in the English-speaking world

Judaism’s Strange Gods

Judaism's Strange Gods. Here is the best book under 400 pages on Judaism for educating people about the hidden side of this much glorified, but soul-destroying religion of warfare and deception. Contains all of Christian scholar Michael Hoffman's main facts and most effective research revealing Judaism, in an easy-to-read, quality paperback. Judaism's Strange Gods is a condensed version of Hoffman's massive reference work, Judaism Discovered (see below). 

Judaism is overwhelming  the Right wing, masquerading as a family values partner with patriots against the forces of evil. On the Left, it poses as a progressive partner with peace activists. Hoffman deconstructs that facade in clear and understandable writing, and does so charitably and without vitriol. Christian bookstores are packed with tomes purporting to unmask the religion of Islam, but not one slim volume will be found delving into the depravities of Orthodox Judaism. Judaism's Strange Gods corrects that imbalance with irrefutable documentation from Judaism's own sacred texts. Quality paperback. Illustrated. Glossary. Index. 381 pages.

Sample Contents: Principle Sources of the Divine Law of the Religion of Orthodox Judaism; The Rabbinic Eras; Rabbinic Law vs. Biblical Law; Judaism's Attack On The Prophets And Patriarchs; The Talmud: Only a Record of Debates?; "The Babylonian Talmud Represents God in the Flesh"; Judaism's Hermeneutic of Concealment in Theory and Practice; The Tarnish on Hillel's Golden Rule; A Gigantic Heap of Self-Perpetuating Legal and Textual Arcana; Falsifying Scripture with Gezera Shava; "A Hedge Around the Law"; Loopholes And Escape Clauses; "The Pious of the Nations" Loophole; Four Exegetical Categories: PaRDeS;  Outright Lies and Deception; Permissible Categories of Lying; The Deceiver's Gloss on Exodus 23:7; Why Women Have Not Been Allowed to Study the Talmud; Bribery; Defrauding Workers; The Authority of the Talmud; The Inferiority of Gentiles; Gentile is not a Brother or a Neighbor; Jews May Kill Non-Jews; Torat Hamelech: Warrant For The Murder Of Gentiles; The Status of the Gentile in Jewish Law; Non-Jews are "Supernal Refuse"; The Halachos of Manslaughter: "Lifting and Lowering";  Judaism Teaches: Abraham & Isaac were Tainted with Lust; Rabbinic Texts are a Virulent Source of Anti-Black Racism; Every Gentile's Mother, Daughter and Sister: NShGZ; New World Order: U.S. Government Lays The Groundwork For Talmudic Courts; Christians in the Talmud; Escape Clauses and Loopholes Concerning the Rabbinic Ban on Churches; Talmud Citations Concerning Christianity; Balaam: The Talmud's Code Name for Jesus; Christianity Alleged to be a Form of Prostitution; Mary the Mother of Jesus as "Sedata" (a promiscuous woman); Establishing a Legal Principle for Courtroom Entrapment of Christ and Christians; Pandera and Balaam: Jesus as a Bastard in the Talmud; Origen Contra the Antichrist Rabbinic Calumnies of Celsus; Anti-Goyimitic and Anti-Christian Hatred; Divine Mandate to Kill Jesus Christ and Christians; Judaism's Reincarnation Dogma;  Star of Bohemia, Not David; Kaparot: The Sin Chicken; The X-Rated Talmud; Judaism and Menstruation; Judaism and Abortion; Converts and Conversions to Judaism; Yom Kippur and the Kol Nidrei Nullification of Vows; Judaism's Holy Days; Birkat HaMinim: The Curse on Christians; Child Molestation and Homosexuality; Glossary of terms; Index. 

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Judaism Discovered
A Study of the Anti-Biblical Religion of Racism, Self-Worship, Superstition and Deceit

by Michael Hoffman. Massive softcover. 1102 pages. 1 map. 164 illustrations. 1194 notes. Indexed for easy reference. This textbook-sized volume offers a graduate course in the advanced study of Judaism!

Deconstructing the rabbinic texts line by line, Michael Hoffman has discovered a terra incognita: Orthodox Judaism as the ideological survival of the most ossified traditions of Babylonian paganism, concealed beneath a complex system of dissimulation and misdirection. His unsparing thesis is a radical challenge to Judaism's claims to Biblical provenance and probity. Partial list of subjects: Principal Sources of the Divine Law of Judaism; Deceit Mechanisms and Defense Mechanisms; No "Judeo-Christian" Tradition; Judaism's Hermeneutic of Concealment; Power Over the Court System; the Tarnish on Hillel's Golden Rule; Permissible Lying and Deceit; From Kabbalah to Aggadah: A Sexual Progression; Hasidic Paganism; Kabbalistic Renaissiance; Gentiles are not to be trusted; Talmud and Women; Jesus in the Talmud; Child Molestation; Halachos of Manslaughter; Maimonides: Rabbinic Worker of Iniquity; Maimonides and Islam; the Noachide Hoax; Anti-Black Racism; 'Sin Chicken'; Cursing the homes and graves of gentiles and Christians; Images and Talismans; Circumcision; Abortion; Ritual Murder; the Talmud and Kabbalah in Protestantism and Catholicism; Judaism's Homo-Erotic Culture; the "Menstrual Science" of the Rabbis; Judaism and Kabbalah: An Inseparable Unity; Purim; the Golem; Converts and Conversions; the Kosher Food Racket; the Kol Nidrei Nullification of Vows; Critics, Criticism and Apologetics; and much more!

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The Talmud Tested

“...unparalleled knowledge of Jewish history, religion and Hebrew...the foremost gentile expert on Jewish matters.”—John J. Moscrop, Measuring Jerusalem

"An apologetic and polemic almost without rival." —Walter Riggans, Biographical Dictionary

Partial list of Contents

Judaism’s perversion of Moses • Rabbinic injustice to women, slaves and gentiles • Rabbinic intolerance toward other nations •Hatred in the Talmud contrasted with charity in the Bible •Compulsory conversion of gentiles •Judaism’s ‘anti-semitic’ attitude toward fellow Jews regarded as am ha’aretz •Impoverished Jews whipped for accepting help from Christians •Converts to Christianity to be killed •Rabbinic contempt for sons of Noah • Intolerance of rabbinic prayers •Rabbinic lies and legends •Judaism a heathen religion: astrology, charms and amulets •Excommunication in Judaism •Synagogue system based on the oral law •Members of the Sanhedrin had to be skilled in magic •Polygamy •Divorce •Judaism’s oppression of the poor •Propaganda techniques and tricks of rabbinic deceit •Judaism as moral and intellectual slavery. •Rabbinic authority exalted above all others •Jews forbidden to love their gentile neighbors •Rabbinic permission to violate God’s commands •The rabbinic criminal code • The impenitent Jew at the tribunal of God’s judgment • and much more.

What is unique about this book?

Alexander McCaul reproduces on page after page of this volume, passages from the Babylonian Talmud and other sacred rabbinic texts in their original Hebrew and Aramaic, and then translates them into English, so there can be no question of misquoting, or “taking out of context.” The Talmud Tested offers incontestable documentary proof that Judaism leads it followers to mental and spiritual bondage in this world and eternal damnation in the next. Michael Hoffman writes: “This is the most convincing and comprehensive Christian textbook on Judaism since Eisenmenger, and it has the advantage of being in English, in clear, modern type. Open-minded persons who study it from cover to cover are unlikely to be deceived by the rabbis to any considerable degree ever again. Dr. McCaul’s phenomenal scholarship effectively inoculates his readers against the epidemic of Talmudic confusion engulfing our nation.”

A Personal Note from Michael Hoffman
"It has long been our objective to publish Alexander McCaul’s masterwork. He was the Victorian Eisenmenger. What is best about the McCaul book, besides being in English, are the numerous Hebrew citations printed on many pages and then translated into English, which he uses to convict the rabbis, by their own words, of deceit, guile, malice, idolatry etc. This edition of The Talmud Tested from Independent History and Research represents the clearest and most readable McCaul facsimile on the market, and it is supplemented by the new introduction, wherein readers learn of the extent to which “Jews” were considered the natural object of missionary zeal when Christianity was still worthy of the name. If thousands of copies of this book were to be circulated among Christian leaders and open-minded persons of good will, we could see something wonderful develop."

Softcover. 715 pages (660 + 55 page introduction). 

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Wednesday, February 24, 2016

Special Offers

Available on DVD:

"History of Catholic and Protestant Usury"

 According to the Biblical standard, there must be a zero percent interest rate on loans 

Master this subject in two hours!

In this college-level lecture in the theology of money given at Lansing, Michigan in April, 2015, historian Michael Hoffman summarizes his book Usury in Christendom: The Mortal Sin that Was and Now is Not, and answers challenging questions from the audience. Here is a unique opportunity to learn what Christ, the Bible, the medieval thinkers and the Church actually taught against profit from loans and how that sacred doctrine was first overthrown by the situation ethics of revolutionary change agents within the Church of Rome. Michael shows how God’s law was slowly whittled away and how usurious bankers began to choose the personnel of the Church at the highest levels. Here is a detailed rebuttal to the laissez-faire, Shylock economics which today controls the Conservative movement, Catholicism and most Protestant churches. Digitally recorded in color in front of a live audience. Approx. two hours. All-region DVD.

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Usury in Christendom: The Mortal Sin that Was and Now is Not

Unforgettable revelations abound in this indispensable study of the rise of the Money Power. Usury in Christendom provides the reader with a detailed understanding of how a den of thieves robbed the followers of Christ of their patrimony. It is grounded in an extensive study of rare and primary sources and represents a landmark revisionist history of how the breeders of money gained dominion over the West. 

For most of the first 1500 years of Christianity usury, the lending of money at interest, was unanimously condemned by the Fathers of the Early Church, and by popes, councils and saints, as a damnable sin equivalent to robbery and even murder. Any interest on loans of money, not just exorbitant interest, was defined de fide as a grave transgression against God and man. 

Mr. Hoffman confronts the reader with a startling datum: the overthrow of magisterial dogma and the approval of scripture-twisting heresy occurred inside the Church centuries before the Enlightenment and the dawn of the modern era, culminating in the overthrow of divine truth; an epochal act of nullification. Usury in Christendom: The Mortal Sin that Was and Now is Not resurrects the suppressed biblical, patristic and medieval Catholic doctrine on interest on money, provides new information on the record of early Protestant resistance to the usury revolution, and the discernment, by Dante and other visionaries, of the sub-rosa connection between usury and a host of abominations that continue to plague us today. Western civilization was profoundly disfigured by the ecclesiastic exculpation of the charging of interest on debt. The result has been a pursuit of usurious profit unconstrained by the Word of God, the dogma of His true Church, and the consensus patrum of fifteen centuries.  

This revisionist history of how a den of thieves robbed the followers of Christ of their patrimony is grounded in an extensive study of rare and primary sources, and represents a landmark reassessment of how the breeders of money gained dominion over the West.  

Table of Contents: Introduction. Biblical, Patristic and Magisterial Teaching. Precursor: Usury banking in Catholic Florence. Usury and Simony in Catholic Germany. The Reformation: Usury Pro and Contra. A Faithful Irishman Persecuted by the Hierarchy. Agents of the Money Power. Quality of Life. “Jewish” Usury. St. Anthony of Padua at the Usurer’s funeral. John Jewel Smites Usury. Timeline of Papal Usury. Dogma of the Council of Trent. Glossary of Terms. Bibliography. 

Comprehensive List of Contents: Double-Talking Encyclical. King Edward’s Act Against Usury. Critical Distinction Between Ger and Nokri. Christ’s Parable of the Talents, and the Mammon of Unrighteousness. Leviticus Jubilee. Root and Branch of the Money Power. Escape Clause for Mortal Sin. Usury and the Fathers of the Early Church. Unanimous Medieval Struggle Against Interest on Money. The Dogmatic Third Lateran Council. Council of Lyons II. Council of Vienne. Usury in Medieval Canon Law. Magna Carta’s Bishop. Confessors’ Manuals Classifies Usury as Mortal Sin. Christian Economics of Thomas Aquinas, Dante Aligheri, Ezra Pound, Wendell Berry, Arthur Penty, Vincent McNabb, John Ruskin. The Canker that Consumes the Conscience. The Unholy Trinity of Florence. The Usurer’s Dilemma. The Usurer’s Fire. The Usurer’s Indulgence. The Ciompi Insurrection. Manifest and Occult Usury. Mortal Sin for a Worthy Cause. The Den of Thieves Returns to the House of God. Catholic Origins of Usury Legalization. Usury Unites With Simony. The Catholic Roots of Protestant Capitalism. Casuistry and Usury. Early Years of the Protestant Campaign Against Usury. Biting and Profitable usury. Some Myths of Max Weber. Early Puritan Resistance to Economic Secularization. Permission for Usury in Late Stage Puritanism. A Capitalist Summa: Ludwig Von Mises & Ayn Rand. Misdirection from the Right. Judaizers and Judaizing. Primacy of Gentile Usury. Breeding of Money. 1917 and 1983 Codes of Canon Law, and much more. 

Quality Softcover, 416 pages, illustrated.

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Revisionist History Newsletter No. 65: Martin Luther and Zinskauf: The German Reformation in the Struggle over Usury
Luther’s early and later positions against greed and the Money Power, documented. So many lies have been told about Luther in this regard. No bull, just facts: where he erred and where he was right.
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